Inspired by the idea of anarchy, we designed this free WordPress theme for your personal blogs and diaries. This theme is perfect for writers and artists. It can be easily customized and already translated to different languages. It utilizes latest HTML-5, CSS-3, PHP and WordPress native functions for creating the awesomeness that looks good on every browser.

We are constantly adding new features to this theme to allow you to personalize it to your own needs. If you want a new feature or just want to be able to change something just ask us and we would be happy to add it.

We are glad to present you the most anarchist WP-theme Of All! Enjoy!

A Powerful Feature Set

In order for us to maintain such a robust core across all of our WordPress themes, we work hard to always stay consistent with our philosophies and approach in everything that we build. So the following is what you can expect in a WordPress theme from Space X-Chimp™.

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    Beautiful Design

    Beautiful and pixel perfect design, which is also super customizable

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    Fully Responsive

    Optimized for use on desktops, tablets and mobile devices

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    Cross Browser

    Tested across major browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE

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    SEO Friendly

    Designed with search engine optimization in mind

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    High Security

    Uses advanced technologies to ensure data security

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    HTML5 & CSS3

    Amazing possibilities with latest versions of HTML and CSS

  • Multilingual


    Available in several languages like English, German, French, Spanish and Russian

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    Translations Ready

    Ready for new translations. Just use a POT file included or translator

  • Multilingual

    RTL Compatible

    Compatible with right to left languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and Urdu

The "Beautiful Design", "Fully Responsive" and "Cross Browser" features available only in the premium versions of this theme: Author's Notepad and Simple Notepad.

Just look at it and you'll love it right away

Anarcho Notepad
Anarcho Notepad
Anarcho Notepad
Anarcho Notepad


Used and trusted by 3,000+ lovely customers all over the world. These are a several reviews for both the free and premium version of the theme. All reviews of this theme you can find here.

Free or Premium, the choice is yours!

We have a free theme "Anarcho Notepad" and two premium versions of this theme, they are called "Authors Notepad" and "Simple Notepad".

Features Anarcho Notepad Simple Notepad
Easy to set up - Theme Customizer
Quality of design Standard Pixel perfect Pixel perfect
Built-in iconic font "Font Awesome"
Sidebar (right column)
Widget ready (in sidebar)
Widget ready (in footer)
Top navigation bar
Built-in Pagination
Built-in Breadcrumbs
Block "About Author" below posts
Template page "HTML map of the website"
Template page "Without date"
Custom text of copyright below posts
Custom text of copyright in footer
Custom header image
Custom background
Custom menu
"Google Fonts" with one click 291 fonts 847 fonts 847 fonts
Changeable design inscriptions
Customizable post titles: font, size, color, position
Our text of copyright can be removed
WooCommerce supported
GDPR (EU) Compliant
Optimized for use on desktops, tablets and mobile devices
Tested across major browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE
Pages loading speed Standard Up to 80% faster Up to 80% faster
Timely support 24/7
Regular updates
Well documented
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You can learn more about the difference between the free one and premium versions of the theme here.

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License & Credits

This theme is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3) and is distributed free of charge.

In the “Anarcho Notepad” theme used several images from the theme “Notepad Chaos v2.0” by Evan Eckard. The list of these images: notepad-back.gif, pages-back.gif, pages-bottom.gif, postit-back.gif, postit-upper.gif, recent-posts-bottom.gif.

Premium Versions

We are pleased to inform you that now available two premium versions of this theme, they are called the "Authors Notepad" and "Simple Notepad". Both are optimized for mobile devices (they has a responsive and mobile friendly layout).

The Author's Notepad theme has the same design, but much improved. Also it has a new cool features, such as an options in customizer for change the text of following inscriptions: “Search”, “Pages”, “What is this place”, “Friends & Links” and “Recent Posts”. You can learn more about it here.

The Simple Notepad theme has the same design, but on one column (without the sidebar). You can learn more about it here.