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Hello and Welcome to Space X-Chimp™ website, thanks for taking the time to stop by.

We’re happy to answer your questions about Space X-Chimp™, or about any of our products. For general press inquiries and interview requests, please contact [email protected]. To ensure a prompt answer, please include your questions.

Fact Sheet

At Space X-Chimp™ we wants to make the web a better place. Our family includes www.SpaceXChimp.com, www.MyCyberUniverse.com and more. With our products and services, you can create beautiful websites and blogs for free and enhance those websites with our premium products and services.

  • Brand Name: Space X-Chimp™
  • Formerly called: MyCyberUniverse
  • Founded: May, 2013
  • Owner & CEO: Milena Kiseleva (April 1, 2018-)
  • Founder: Arthur Gareginyan
  • Headquarters: Moscow, Russian Federation

Stats Info

For up-to-date statistics about downloads, and active installs of our products for CMS WordPress, please visit our statistics page.

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Brand logos & icons

You can freely use our logo as long as you are referring to us. But you can not use our logo on physical products such as clothes, mugs and etc. We have the logo available in both vector (SVG) and raster (PNG). Click the images below to download.


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