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Our most popular premium products
WP Theme Author's Notepad Counting is in progress
WP Plugin My Custom Functions PRO Counting is in progress

Our most popular free products
WP Theme Anarcho Notepad over 3,000 active installs 85,613 downloads
WP Plugin My Custom Functions over 20,000 active installs 110,753 downloads

Total number of users
WP Themes over 3,000 active installs over 80,000 downloads
WP Plugins over 55,490 active installs 387,950 downloads

WordPress Plugins
2014-09-02 My Custom Functions
2015-07-27 RSS Feed Icon for SpecificFeeds.com
2015-09-06 My Custom Styles
2015-10-30 All Meta Tags
2015-12-18 Social Media Follow Buttons Bar
2016-01-31 Head and Footer Scripts Inserter
2016-02-23 Best Preloader
2016-02-27 Simple Scroll to Top Button
2016-03-28 Syntax Highlighter for Theme/Plugin
2016-08-19 My Syntax Highlighter
2016-09-15 My Custom Functions PRO
2016-11-07 My Custom Styles PRO
2016-12-18 RSS Feed Icon
2017-02-02 Syntax Highlighter for Post/Page HTML

WordPress Themes
2013-10-22 Anarcho Notepad
2017-01-05 Authors Notepad
2017-01-05 Simple Notepad

* This is the latest statistics for June 2017.

* For free themes and plugins used official statistics from the WordPress.org website.