"Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO" is a premium WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to easily and safely add a smart bar with social media follow buttons (not share, only links to your social media profiles) to any place (post content, page content, widget, sidebar, header, footer) of your WordPress website. This is a "PRO" version of the plugin "Social Media Follow Buttons Bar". More features, more power. Up to 10 buttons bar instances, Separate settings for buttons bars, and much more.

The social media follow buttons bar - is a bar with set of icons of the popular social media which are linked directly to your profile on this social networks. I.e. clicking the Facebook icon will take the user to your Facebook page, clicking the Twitter icon will take them to your Twitter page.

Unlike the other plugins, this plugin creates a live bar. The bar automatically adapt to the width of the block where it placed. If the buttons do not fit to the one line, then they will be placed on multiple lines. So they can be arranged horizontally or vertically, in one line or in a few, and all of this is done automatically.

This plugin give you finer control over buttons. You can configure they on plugins settings page. You can choose the size of icons, choose open link in current tab or in new, and etc. Also you can have the social media follow buttons automatically added to the bottom of all Posts and/or Pages, or position them manually using either a widget, shortcode or template action hook. If you want more options, then let us know and we will be happy to add them.

Its purpose is to provide a familiar experience to WordPress users. You don't need to edit any file of your theme, this plugin will do everything for you. It's just plug and play, no tedious configurations or hacks, just install, enable and start enjoying your fancy social media follow buttons. It's that simple! In addition, your social media follow buttons will be compatible with all major browsers and work with any theme.

A Powerful Feature Set

In order for us to maintain such a robust core across all of our WordPress plugins, we work hard to always stay consistent with our philosophies and approach in everything that we build. So the following is what you can expect in a WordPress plugin from Space X-Chimp™.

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    Beautiful Design

    User friendly settings page with a beautiful and pixel perfect design

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    Fully Responsive

    Optimised for use on desktops, tablets and mobile devices

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    Cross Browser

    Tested across major browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE

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    SEO Friendly

    Designed with search engine optimisation in mind

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    High Security

    Uses advanced technologies to ensure data security

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    HTML5 & CSS3

    Amazing possibilities with latest versions of HTML and CSS

  • Multilingual


    Available in several languages like English, German, French, Spanish and Russian

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    Translations Ready

    Ready for new translations. Just use a POT file included or WordPress.org translator

  • Multilingual

    RTL Compatible

    Compatible with right to left languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and Urdu

Just look at it and you'll love it right away

Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO


Used and trusted by 20,000+ lovely customers all over the world. These are a several reviews for both the free and premium version of the plugin. All reviews of this plugin you can find here.

Free or Premium, the choice is yours!

The PRO version of the plugin is currently in the active development stage, which means that in the shortest possible time many new features will be added to it. Actually we are already preparing new versions for publication, and now they are undergoing testing.
Features Social Media Follow Buttons Bar Social Media Follow Buttons Bar PRO
Automatically display buttons bar in all posts and/or pages
Display buttons bar in any post or page with a WordPress shortcode
Display buttons bar in widgets with a WordPress shortcode
Include buttons bar directly in your theme files with a PHP short code
Number of supported social media sites and additional links. Full list here 100 100
Tooltips with the name of social media next to each button
Ability to easily customise buttons bar by selecting the desired settings
Basic options:
  • Social media sites
  • Additional links
  • URLs for buttons
  • Button size
  • Button margin
  • Buttons bar alignment
  • Links open method: same or new tab/window
  • Caption (on/off) + text
  • Tooltips (on/off)
  • Autoload below content on Posts
  • Autoload below content on Pages
Additional options:
  • Caption alignment
  • Caption text color
  • Caption font size
  • Tooltips position on top, bottom, left or the right side of the button
  • Tooltips background color
  • Choose which one from your buttons bars you like to autoload
  • Autoload above content on Posts
  • Autoload above content on Pages
  • Buttons order: Preset order, Random order, Sort alphabetically (ascending), Sort alphabetically (descending)
Number of buttons bar instances Only 1 Up to 10
Ability to manage buttons bars separately:
  • Set name/title for buttons bar
  • Select social media sites
  • Select additional links
  • Set URLs for buttons
  • Separate live preview section
  • Show with a separate shortcode
Clean plugin settings page. No advertising banners or donation messages
Timely support 24/7
Regular updates
Well documented

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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satisfaction guaranteed

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Choose a payment plan that works for you. There are no monthly payments, usage limits or ongoing fees. You buy it once and own it forever.

Personal License

great for bloggers, authors & artists

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  • 1 Year of updates
  • 1 Year of support
  • Lifetime Usage
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Business License

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  • 5 Sites
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  • 1 Year of support
  • Lifetime Usage

Enterprise License

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  • Unlimited Sites
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 1 Year of support
  • Lifetime Usage


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Quick-Start Guide

New to WordPress and web development? Don't worry: our step-by-step guide makes it quick and easy to manage a social media follow buttons.

  • Upload social-media-buttons-toolbar-pro to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins tab in WordPress Admin Area.
  • Go to page SettingsSocial Media Follow Buttons PRO.
  • Select the desired buttons and fill in the required fields, then click Save changes.
  • That’s it, you’re done. Enjoy your fancy social media follow buttons displayed within pages or posts.

If you have any questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Instructions pages. If that doesn't cover it, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.