“Space X-Chimp”, “X-Chimp”, and the Space X-Chimp logo are registered trademarks. You may not use these trademarks in a commercial setting to infer that your product or service is endorsed or associated with Space X-Chimp without permission. You may use these marks to refer to Space X-Chimp in a way where it’s clear that you’re simply referring to the company, not claiming endorsement or association.

Examples of use that do not need permission

  • -V- Including the Space X-Chimp logo on product pages to say «we support Space X-Chimp».
  • -V- Use of the trademarks “Space X-Chimp” or “X-Chimp” in book titles.

Examples of use that do need permission

  • -S- Selling merchandise (stickers, t-shirts, mugs, etc).
  • -S- Use of the Space X-Chimp logo on a book cover.
  • -S- Products like the Space X-Chimp doll.

Examples of use that will not get permission

  • -X- Naming your company or product after X-Chimp, like “The X-Chimp Consultants” or “The X-Chimp Web Server”.

Contact Information

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